At Jeslyn Maids, we are committed to delivering only the ultimate in house cleaning services to those we serve. Our attention to detail in your home shows that we care about doing our very best, so that you get to enjoy the benefits of the best quality of service in the home cleaning industry. To ensure you get consistently top service, we utilize a Six Step Quality Control System:

1. Employees – Jeslyn Maids are carefully recruited and trained in order to ensure a level of thoroughness and consistency that our standards demand. Your needs will determine whether we send a one, two or three person team to your home. We seek out the very best in home cleaning employees, in order to always deliver the best in home cleaning.

2. Quality Supervisor- The Jeslyn Maids team always includes a Quality Supervisor, whose job it is to ensure that we always deliver on our promise of excellence in home cleaning standards. The Quality Supervisor makes random checks daily to ensure our top quality is maintained in the service we deliver and that any special requests from our clients are being carefully taken care of.

3. Service Managers – At Jeslyn Maids we have local service managers who will take oversee all your needs. Your personal service manager will be the one-stop point of contact who will communicate with you regarding scheduling, special requests and all questions, in order to ensure your complete satisfaction.

4. Special Requests – We encourage our customers to put in special requests and share their priority lists. It better equips our team members with the knowledge of what is most important for you. When we know where your priorities lie, we can ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Regular Feedback – After each cleaning, we contact our customers by email for feedback. By staying on top of how satisfied you are with your Jeslyn Maids experience, we can ensure that our team is providing the best service possible for you.

6. An Exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Jeslyn Maids gives its customers an unprecedented 100% Customer Service Guarantee. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the results of our service, you have up to 7 days following service to let us know. We promise to return to your home and re-clean it until you are 100% satisfied. No other company in the residential cleaning industry offers this type of guarantee. It is one of the many things that sets us apart from our competitors.